Fix It Clinic helps transform trash back into treasure

Fix It Clinic helps transform trash back into treasure. (Photo: KUTV)

(KUTV) When you have broken things laying around your house, sometimes it's easier to throw them away than fix them.

Utah's Recycling Alliance is trying to change that with the Fix It Clinic. Saturday, the Leonardo hosted Utah's first clinic, which allowed people of all ages to bring broken items for help fixing them.

Participants brought Christmas lights, clocks, phones and even bikes to the event, where volunteers sat down with them to show them how they can fix them at home, rather than just tossing them.

Hazel Jennings, 7, said she brought an alarm clock, lights, and even a diffuser to the event where she learned all about how to fix them.

“The worst you can do is keep it broken," said Morgan Bowerman from the Utah Recycling Alliance. "Learn about your stuff and lean how to fix it and go forth with some extra knowledge.”

The idea is to reduce waste in landfills and give old things a new purpose.

If you wish to participate in a Fix It Clinic, the next one will be held Memorial Day weekend at The Leonardo. For more details visit their website.

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