Fun for the Fourth: How Utahns celebrate Independence Day

Utah Celebrates Independence Day

(KUTV) — Fourth of July festivities took place all around the Wasatch Front on Wednesday. From parades to community gatherings, Utahns all celebrated differently.

In West Jordan, many arrived early for the Independence Day Parade.

“We actually staked them out last night and we got here about 7:55 this morning,” said West Jordan resident Amber Maddy of her front row seats at the parade.

9-year-old Drake liked the sweet perks of the parade, but also remembered the holiday is not just about "catching a lot of candy."

“To celebrate our freedom for our country and to celebrate how many people died for the war," Drake said.

You're never too old and can never see too many parades, said Dale Malmrose of South Jordan. He's 90 years old and estimates he's seen at least 70 parades.

Over in South Salt Lake, Utahns found an unexpected way to celebrate our nation's birthday: a dance-off.

“Dancing has a really cool impact on the community,” said Joshua Perkins, the executive director of the Bboy Federation, a non-profit for hip hop arts.

Even a South Salt Lake police officer got in on the dancing action.

“It's a way that we can kind of connect with one another but still also be creative and expressive at the same time,” Perkins said.

Ben Ukoh-eke, A.K.A. Wesley Swipes, won the dance-off.

“Nothing says 'America' like breakdancing because it started in the Bronx of New York, so let's keep it American and keep dancing," Ukoh-eke said.

More information about the Bboy Foundation can be found on the organization's website.

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