Gas prices expected to increase 20 cents per gallon in coming weeks

Pumping gas at the Four Couners area of Central Point. (Photo: Bob Pennell / Mail Tribune)

(KUTV) -- Gas prices are now 50 cents per gallon higher than last year and experts say the rate is only going to increase.

According to published accounts, the average price of regular-grade gasoline in the United States has spiked seven cents per gallon over that last two weeks to nearly $2.90 per gallon — the 10th straight week of increases as of last week.

In Utah, gas prices are between $2.93 and $3.19 per gallon statewide.

Triple AAA blames high gas prices on several factors:

  • People are driving more, which is affecting supply and demand.
  • Refineries also produce more expensive gas blends this summer.
  • New sanctions from the White House on Iran is driving up prices.

According to, the lowest regular-grade gas prices in Salt Lake City on Sunday could be found at:

  • Sam's Club, 1905 South 300 West, $2.99 per gallon
  • Sinclair, 1953 California, $3.04 per gallon
  • Love's, 25 N. Redwood Rd., $3.15 per gallon
  • Smith's, 1174 W. 600 North, $3.13 per gallon
  • Exxon, 726 N. Redwood Rd., $3.14 per gallon
  • Maverick, 676 N. Redwood Rd., $3.14 per gallon
  • Chevron, 1704 W. North Temple, $3.19 per gallon

Triple AAA says consumers can expect another 20 cents per gallon increase in the coming weeks.

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