Girlfriend of Jerrod Baum charged with obstruction of justice

Morgan Henderson mug shot. (File photo: KUTV)

(KUTV) — Morgan Henderson, the girlfriend of Jerrod Baum, was charged for allegedly obstructing justice on Thursday morning.

On January 2, 2018 Riley Powell and Brelynne (Breezy) Otteson, who were boyfriend and girlfriend, were reported missing.

Authorities visited Henderson's home seven days later to inquire about the missing teens. According to court documents, she denied any knowledge about their whereabouts.

On the 25th of January, detectives spoke with Henderson again. She once again denied any knowledge of the missing teens, court documents state. However, after detectives confronted her with evidence that she and Riley had arranged to meet at her house the night of their disappearance, Henderson admitted that they came to the home after midnight, stayed for a short while and then left.

Henderson denied any further knowledge of the missing teens, court documents state.

Authorities interviewed Henderson again on March 25. According to court documents, she admitted that she had withheld information about the missing teens, elaborating that she was in fact present when they were murdered by her boyfriend Jerrod Baum.

After further investigation, authorities were able to confirm the details of Henderson's account and locate the bodies of Powell and Otteson, which were found in a mine shaft in Utah County, court documents state.

Autopsies provided information that was consistent with what Henderson told authorities, according to court documents, which indicated that she was indeed present when Otteson and Powell were murdered.

Henderson faces two counts of obstruction of justice, a second degree felony.

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