Gov. Challenger Jonathan Johnson: Repeal count my vote

(KUTV) -- The Utah Republican party is in the middle of a court fight with state leaders over how political parties should pick their candidates.

At issue is Count My Vote. A law passed by the Utah State Legislature and signed by Governor Gary Herbert.

It allows candidates to bypass state conventions and gain access to primary ballots by collecting signatures.

The Utah Republican Party has sued to get the law struck down.

Businessman Jonathan Johnson, a Republican who is running against Governor Herbert agrees with the party. He says that law needs to go.

"I like the lawsuit they're bringing," Johnson said. "I like the caucus system."

If elected, Johnson is vowing to repeal the election law.

"A candidate can pay someone to gather signatures for him, run an expensive media campaign, and avoid debates," Johnson said. "It's an incumbent protection plan. It's a rich man's plan."

Governor Herbert says he also likes the convention and will attend. However, he is also going along with the new law and will collect petition signatures.

That's something Johnson says he will not do.

The State Republican party has been able to get part of the law changed in Federal Court.

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