Government 'failing us' says family selling personal belongings to get through shutdown

A Utah family living without pay during the ongoing government shutdown says they are now selling their belongings to survive. (Photo: KUTV FILE)

The partial government shutdown was headed into day 14 on Thursday, and Utah families were feeling the effects.

“It’s not that there’s not a job to go to and that we can work at, it’s the government failing us,” says a woman we’re only calling Marie.

Marie’s husband is a federal worker who hasn’t been to work for nearly two weeks. They live paycheck to paycheck, and the shutdown is hitting them hard. To raise money for food and gas, Marie sold the bench in the family’s front foyer, the kitchen table set and a treadmill. Lamps and wall pictures are currently up for sale.

“ $40 is a lot of money when you don’t have anything,” Marie said about selling the family’s belongings.

During the first week of the shutdown, Marie had to ask a family member for $200 to pay to fix their car that broke unexpectedly.

“It’s rough to borrow money when it was just Christmas for everyone else,” Marie said, crying.

Marie says the next emergency could break them.

“I’m just crossing my fingers that no one gets sick; I want to bubble wrap the kids so they don’t sprain an ankle," she said.

Her kids have now been back from holiday break for two days.

“They are currently in the hole with their lunch money, so I’m just going to go talk to the school,” Marie said.

Marie said she doesn’t feel like there’s a rush to end the shutdown.

Representatives from Utah said Thursday they don’t feel any closer to a deal than last week, though the Democratic House majority voted Thursday night to fund the government. That legislation is expected to be vetoed by the president if it passes the Senate.

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