Hale Centre Theatre's "Play Your Part" fundraising Campaign kick off

Play your Part (Photo: Heidi Hatch / KUTV)

(KUTV) If your dream is to have your name in lights, but your talent is sorely lacking, now may be your chance.

Utah's famed theater in the round, Hale Centre Theatre, is launching a "Play Your Part" campaign where the community is asked to donate in the final construction phase of the new state of the art community theater.

If you drive I-15 in Sandy you've seen the new theater rising from the dust. The theater itself still mass of cement and rebar- looks gigantic compared to its current home in West Valley.

“That is quite an iconic vision as you drive down the freeway.” Jeff Beecher with Layton Construction oversees the project that has a high rise height crane “we have that tall crane up there is so we can put others below it.” Architect Lyle Beecher calls it “one of the most exciting things to be involved in.” Before the theater project, he worked on the new Loveland Living Planet Aquarium and equally artistic challenge. The “concrete and steel rising up is pretty exciting.”

Beecher says his plan will make this “a very institutional building that will be around for decades.” HCT Vice President, Sally Dietlein, calls it “a forever building.”

Layton construction is working on schedule for the curtains to go up this same time next year. The project while progressing smoothly hasn’t been easy “ honestly every part of this theater is tricky.” Beecher compares the project to an “office building you don't stack floor after floor, this is very complex.”

The new theater will be layered allowing for the innermost portion of the theater to house two cranes for lowering actors and props onto the stage where both can fly. nother 60-70 feet below ground where the stage will me automated, changing from scene to scene and shot to show.

Hale Centre Theatre started humbly on Main Street in an old lingerie factory in South Salt Lake 31 years ago. Mark and Sally Dietlein co-founded the theater and carry on the original vision of family entertainment, only on a march larger scale.

In the 90’s the husband and wife team had to make a big decision trading their thriving business fin or a something bigger. They moved to their current location of 3500 South in West Valley. “To do that and afford that” Sally said they “needed to hand the theatre over to the community so we could raise money as a nonprofit.” She calls it “a real leap of faith but the most joyful thing we have done.”

The Dietleins and Hale Centre are ready to make one final move to fill the needs of the community.

“The cool thing about this is the theater is that it truly belongs to the community.” Mark Dietlein introduced the "play your part" campaign today talking about how “you are getting a Broadway equivalent show for the price of a community theater.”

Patrons tell the Dietlein’s daily how much they appreciate the family friendly entertainment. Mark is quick to tell you about those conversations “we love Hale Centre Theatre, we love going there” this he says is “an opportunity for people to say- you know what? I want to show my love.”

“Any amount we appreciate” says Sally. “Maybe their donation is one brick, one light fixture, maybe it is even grander.” The current fundraising goal is $1 million though another $8 million in total is needed to complete the $42 million dollar project financed through a bond in Sandy City. Sandy City will hold the bond, until the theater repays the project in full.

Donations can be made at HCt.org or donate.hct.org

• $100

  • Name plaque on Recognition Wall
  • Entry into drawing for VIP backstage tour and family package of four tickets

• $250

  • Name plaque on Recognition Wall
  • Entry into drawing for VIP backstage tour and family package of four tickets
  • 2016 HCT Yearbook

• $500

  • Name plaque on Recognition Wall
  • Entry into drawing for VIP backstage tour and family package of four tickets
  • 2016 HCT Yearbook
  • Invitation to annual HCT gala

You can enjoy a free dinner, reserved parking and advertising package as a member of the Founders Club for a $5000 donation

Hales Angels donate $1,500 receive season tickets and exclusive insider events

HCT has already received more than 7 million dollar donations from Sorenson Legacy foundation, Larry H and Gail Miler, Kem and Carolyn Gardner, David and Julie Layton, Mountain America Credit Union, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and HCT.

Season ticket holders and anyone who stops by - can check out a 3d model now on site at the current West Valley theater.

The new theater by the way- will have 3 times as many ladies restrooms, comfier seats, more legroom, underground parking for 1500 and a stage that’s always on. “Right now” Sally says they have “people call and say what have you got tonight?” During their two weeks where the stage is dark between shows they have to apologize. With the new theater- “That won't happen again.”

The traditional theater in the round will seat 900 with a second jewel box stage in a half circle seating another 460. Shows can and will run simultaneously.

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