Headstones delayed by Ogden monument maker

(KUTV) Debbi Kartchner's father-in-law passed away two years ago. After his death, Debbi contacted Etched In Stone to have a headstone designed, built and installed.

"His artwork is really good so we went with him," Debbi said.

Debbi paid the company $1,200 up front, but more than a year and a half went by and Debbi says Etched In Stone has continued to miss deadlines for the stone's completion.

Debbi says that getting a headstone was a way to honor her father-in-law and provide closure for her family so these delays are especially burdensome.

Debbi is not alone in her frustrations with Etched in Stone. Sheila Garcia and her sister Teenie are also waiting on a headstone from the Ogden monument maker to place on their brother's grave.

Several months after the promised installation date, the sisters continue to wait.

"[Etched in Stone] just gave us, kept giving us excuses," Sheila said. "One time it was he lost all of his help, then he was sick, then he had allergies. It was just one thing after another."

"We just want to have the stone put where it's supposed to be," Teenie said.

Both families, tired of waiting, decided to Get Gephardt.

When Get Gephardt attempted to contact Etched in Stone it took several phone calls to finally hear back from owner, Wallis Burnside. He told us he's been very busy and said he has lost employees over the last several months. He also claims he is creating and installing headstones seven days per week.

Burnside did promise he would make it right for his customers and, sure enough, shortly after our calls to Etched in Stone, both families saw their loved one's headstones finally installed.

Our investigation found that Etched in Stone has been slapped with an "F" rating by the Better Business Bureau.

The company was also fined and placed on the "Buyer Beware" list by the Utah Division of Consumer Protection back in 2007 for violations relating to the Consumer Sales Practices Act.
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