Health officials address concerns after Wayne County deaths

Health officials address concerns after Wayne County deaths. (Photo: MGN)

(KUTV) The Central Utah Public Health Department (CUPH) addressed concerns arising from two deaths that occurred in Wayne County earlier this week.

The causes of death are currently under investigation, but Y. pestis (plague) lab results have tested negative.

"Out of respect for the family we are not releasing information regarding the patients, but rather are focusing on how we can keep the population healthy," said Susan Hilderbrand, a Health Officer with the CUPH.

According to Hilderbrand, winter season brings with it more frequent social congregation, which raises the potential for the spread of any infectious diseases.

Everyone with potential exposure to the original patients have been evaluated, according to a press release. The exposures are not ongoing.

"People that have been exposed are under medical supervision at this time," Hilderbrand says. "During this season, we encourage everyone to get their flu shot, use good hand hygiene (wash your hands frequently with soap and warm water, use hand sanitizers), and stay home when you are sick."

Hilderbrand further recommends frequently cleaning with a sanitizing disinfectant any surfaces that are frequently touches, such as door handles, desks, and counter tops.

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