Herbert disappointed with himself for lobbyist meeting offer

Gov. Gary Herbert (Photo: KUTV)

SALT LAKE CITY (AP) -- Gov. Gary Herbert says he's disappointed in himself and his campaign for offering to meet with lobbyists in exchange for campaign donations as he faces a tough re-election battle for the GOP nomination.

Herbert says he and his campaign should have been more sensitive to the way the offer came across but he says it wasn't illegal or unethical.

The Republican governor made the comments Monday after The Salt Lake Tribune published over the weekend an audio recording of Herbert making the pitch to about two dozen lobbyists at a private social club last month.

Herbert said he and his staff made it clear that there would be no quid pro quo and likened the meetings to a fundraiser where donors bring checks.

His Republican challenger Jonathan Johnson and Democratic candidate Michael Weinholtz both criticized the governor for the offer.

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