Herd of goats cut grass at Salt Lake school, saving thousands

    (KUTV) For the third year in a row, a herd of goats are being used to landscape the tricky terrain at Washington Elementary. Greg Cover, of 4 Leaf Farms owns about 400 goats and does vegetation control across the entire Wasatch. Cover says his method is clean, efficient and cheaper than most every way of cutting grass cutting.

    "We're not hurting bees we're not hurting birds, its just a natural thing that's been around for thousands of years," Cover said.

    The Salt Lake City School District loves to use the goats because it can avoid using chemicals around school children and it can save money. Using a landscaping crew would cost up to $8,000 to clean out the dry cheat grass on the hillside. The goats, on the other hand, can do it for about $3,000.

    "Using goats is just the right natural way to do it," said Ricardo Zubiate, with Salt Lake City Schools.

    Cover said he uses his goats on large plots of land like for the school district and the US Forest Service, but he says he also provides goats for small patches of land.

    If you're interested, you can find out more information on the Facebook page for 4 Leaf Ranch.

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