Man falls to his death on Angels Landing trail in Zion National Park

UPDATE: The man has been identified as Tate Ryan Volino, 45, from Florida. Read more:

(KUTV) The Angel's Landing hike in Zion National Park claimed its first death of the year Friday morning.

John Marciano with Zion Nation National Park, said the man, believed to be around 45-years-old, was hiking alone.

The climb offers breathtaking views and attracts crowds of hikers in the hundreds of thousands every year.

Park authorities believe the hiker fell from one of the higher points on the trail.

"[He] had a high visibility of trauma." Marciano said.

He was discovered by a couple of hikers in the vicinity of refrigerator canyon and the West Rim.

The trail was closed most of the morning Friday while crews hiked up and recovered the body. The cause of the fall has yet to be determined.

With the attendance growing every year, Marciano stressed that visitors remember the park is nature and it can sometimes be unpredictable.

"You need to be vigilant when you're on those trails and be safe. This is a great reminder of that." Marciano said.

Park officials say this is the 15th death on Angels Landing since the trail opened.

NOTE: The video below is not related to the fall but shows some of the heights and dangers of the hike.

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