Homeless moves: Call for 4th new shelter, new regulations

Homeless moves: Call for 4th new shelter, new regulations (Photo: KUTV)

(KUTV) - A long-standing anti-poverty group is calling for a fourth new homeless shelter, specifically for families, after interviews with dozens of homeless mothers.

“Fifty six percent of the moms we interviewed had incomes of less than $900 a month,” Deeda Seed, researcher for Crossroads Urban Center, and co-author of a new report, Mothers Experiencing Homelessness said. “The fair market rent for a two bedroom apartment is now $900 a month.”

Seed said a family shelter in Midvale is now “bursting at the seams,” and suggested The Road Home shelter downtown could be “re-purposed” for families.

You can read the Crossroads report at CrossroadsUrbancenter.org. The report has also gone to the governor, lt. governor, speaker, and local leaders.

Renovating The Road Home may be easier than trying to find another site. Deciding on locations for three new homeless centers proved daunting and painful.

Meantime, South Salt Lake may be on the verge of making city ordinance changes, to further regulate a new homeless shelter there.

Mayor Cherie Wood said the city wants “to make sure we get what we were promiseda high-functioning shelter that’s different from the Rio Grande.”

Right now, the site at 3380 South 1000 East in South Salt Lake is an empty field, but the city wants to ensure “24 hour, on-site management and security,” once it’s constructed. It also calls for a “guest screening system,” and a “detailed plan to transition guests from shelter within 90 days of initial registry.”

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