House members tell KUTV how they voted on Medicaid expansion, mostly


(KUTV) Last Week After three years of debate, the final negotiated plan that could bring health care to nearly 125,000 poor Utahn's failed to pass out of the Republican controlled caucus.

At the time, Speaker of the House Greg Hughes along with other members of the house leadership, met with the media after the closed meeting. At the time, Hughes said he and Rep. Jim Dunnigan voted for the Utah Access Plus plan. A plan that had been negotiated with top Republican leaders. Reporters criticized the house leadership for holding the closed meeting and not allowing the public to hear the debate of leaders.

At the time Hughes suggested that reporters ask all the members of the 63 person caucus how they voted if they wanted to know exactly who voted for what.

"I don't think they're going to hide it. Ask em where they're at, I think they'll tell you where they are," said Hughes.

So that's what we did, we emailed and called every Republican lawmaker in the caucus to find out how they voted. We do know the proposal failed overwhelmingly, one lawmaker says the vote was 57-7. Here is what we found during our research:

Voted NO

Rich Cunningham

Kraig Powell

Brad Daw

Kay Christofferson

Jon Stanard

Mike Schultz

Keven Stratton

Fred Cox

Francis Gibson

Dean Sanpei

Sophia DiCaro

Keith Grover

John Westwood

Daniel McCay

Jake Anderegg

David Lifferth

Mike Noel

Kay McIff

Brian Greene

Lee Perry

Michael Kennedy

Stephen Handy

Dixon Pitcher

Edward Redd

Jeremy Peterson

Lowry Snow

Brad Wilson

Voted YES

Johnny Anderson

Raymond Ward

Earl Tanner

Greg Hughes

Jim Dunnigan

Won't Disclose how they voted:

Jack Draxler

Curtis Oda

Norman Thurston

Bruce Cutler

Was not present would have voted NO

Timothy Hawkes

Didn't Respond To our request:

Don Ipson

Brad Last

Merill Nelson

Mark Roberts

Mike McKell

Val Peterson

Derrin Owens

Scott Chew

Melvin Brown

John Knotwell

Robert Spendlove

Ken Ivory

Steve Eliason

Kim Coleman

Eric Hutchings

Craig Hall

LaVar Christensen

Doug Sagars

Rebecca Edwards

Stewart Barlow

Paul Ray

Brad Dee

Gage Froerer

Justin Fawson

Curt Webb

Scott Sandall

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