Hundreds join Earth Day March for Science across Utah

Hundreds join Earth Day March for Science across Utah (Photo: KUTV)

(KUTV) Hundreds of thousands of people joined in the first ever worldwide March for Science on Saturday, April 22, 2017, which is Earth Day.

Several locations in Utah were among the more than 500 participating cities around the world.

A handful of notable scientists spoke before and after the march from City Creek Park to the State Capitol, including 2007 Nobel Prize co-winner Dr. Mario Capecchi.

“The ocean is dying. And it’s dying very, very quickly. We can see reefs dying massively all over the ocean and they serve as a source of food for all animals in the sea. We have to start having a policy that will start curbing this global warming,” he said. “I think it’s a fragile planet and it requires stewardship. We can’t just continue our policies. By inaction, we are creating enormous problems.”

Co-organizer of the Salt Lake City March for Science, Alex Porpora, said science and research are investments in the future.

“Our march is a march for science … so that the next generation can stand on the shoulders of giants that came before them in order to see a little bit further, and to discover more,” said Porpora. “This march is only the beginning. After today, we will continue our inclusive and nonpartisan movement both locally and nationwide to foster science and innovation in our great country. To encourage inquiry and evidence so that we may find cures to the many diseases that affect our lives. So that we may protect the environment that is so critical for our personal and economic health.”

The March come in the wake of President Trump’s threat to slash billions of dollars from the National Institutes of Health which funds research all over the country

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