ICE Facility could be built in Evanston, Wyoming

ICE Facility could be built in Evanston, Wyoming. (Photo: KUTV)

(KUTV) - As the controversy surrounding President Trump’s begins to spin out of control, the town of Evanston Wyoming finds itself in the middle of the debate.

Evanston’s city leaders have approved a possible plan for a ICE detention center to be built east of Bear River State Park, just outside of town.

“So we’ve been in this boom and bust cycle,” says Evanston Mayor Kent Williams.

Williams says he’s been told this detention center will not hold children only adults, and says the facility could mean more than 100 jobs, and could help diversify an economy that is overly reliant on the energy sector.

“This is an opportunity to kind of stabilize those things a little bit,” says Williams.

Antonio Serrano with the “Wyo Say No campaign says although the community has been assured that children will not be held at the facility, he fears that may not be the case.

“I think with everything that’s been happening with this administration anything is possible,” says Serrano.

The building of the facility is not a done deal. A Utah private prison company called Management and Training Corporation has approached the city about building the center.

Evanston and Uintah County officials have given their blessing. Now everyone is just waiting for final word.

A spokesman with MTC says it is still too early to say if the center will end up in Evanston, ICE is considering several other communities, including some surrounding Detroit and Chicago to name a few.

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