Case closed on body found floating in Bear River in 2016

Investigation terminated for the body found in the Bear River in 2016 (Photo: Obituary)

(KUTV) Box Elder County Sheriffs Office have officially concluded the investigation of Nicole Barlow's death.

Barlow was found floating in the Bear River near Corrine on July 23, 2016. Since the incident, the investigation was actively pursued for over a year with dozens of witnesses and people who claimed to have information regarding Barlow's death.

Investigators traveled to multiple states to make contact with any possible witnesses, friends, or family members of Barlow in hopes of discovering any information concerning the cause of her death.

After a year of collecting information, the Utah State Medical Examiner ruled Barlow's death as an accident.

According to the Utah Medical Examiner, the immediate cause of her death was drowning due to "acute morphine and methamphetamine toxicity."

The examiner also released that there was evidence of "alcohol, methamphetamine, amphetamine and morphine detected in the toxicology with some of those levels being toxic." During her autopsy the examiner found no evidence of trauma.

The Box Elder County Attorney has reviewed the investigation and concluded there is no indication, nor evidence, of criminal activity.

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