Is the next big IT company touching grounds in Eagle Mountain?

    Eagle Mountain

    (KUTV)- Eagle Mountain signed off on a plan to bring a major IT company to Utah County. Which company it is, remains a mystery. However, many believe it will be Facebook.

    The data center would be located near the mink farm and the water treatment plant.

    Currently, there’s nothing there and the land generates about $66 in annual revenue. Of that, the Alpine School District - one of the 5 entities that needed to "green light" the project - gets about $42. If the data center becomes a reality, the school would get about half a million dollars instead.

    However, there are some concerns. Critics argue there are similar problems to the ones West Jordan faced, when there was a possibility Facebook would put down roots there. The main issues being raised are about water and infrastructure.

    The company plans to build all of that - but in return they would get about $150 million in tax breaks.

    The company is considering a number of other states and when they will make a decision, is anyone’s guess.

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