Jenny Wilson hopes to replace Ben McAdams as Salt Lake County mayor following senate loss

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    (KUTV) — More than one million people will soon need a new chief executive.

    Jenny Wilson wants that to be her saying,

    “I'll be announcing [Friday] that I'm running for mayor of Salt Lake County.”

    Wilson will officially kick off her candidacy at a Friday morning press conference.

    She sat down with 2News on Thursday to talk about why she has decided to run for mayor after finishing up a grueling 18 month run for U.S. Senate, a seat she lost to Mitt Romney.

    “I love the diversity, I love the people. We have some concerns in our county and we have some needs.”

    Jenny Wilson will officially kick off her candidacy at a Friday morning press conference. (Photo: KUTV)

    Wilson says about the reason for running. Wilson says she knew shortly after McAdams was declared the winner of the 4th Congressional District that she would run for mayor.

    Wilson says McAdams did a good job but still sees some issues adding “growth is a big challenge for us, figuring out how we preserve this wonderful community and this wonderful county.”

    Wilson says, if elected, she will want to see a successful roll out of homeless centers and more opportunity for everyone.

    “I worry about kids getting the help that they need, a good education, people shouldn't have to work three jobs in this county to make it” Wilson says.

    Medical marijuana will be a new issue for the next mayor, something Wilson knows the government must get right adding, “I'll be a champion there to make sure access is available that the barriers aren't too high for people in need and that it's administered well.”

    Wilson says transparency is important especially with officer involved shootings.

    “We need better training and we need to recognize that communities live in fear” Wilson says.

    Wilson supports the return of the Olympics in 2030, if Salt Lake gets the bid saying there won't be a deep cost and adds the community comes out ahead. If she is appointed Wilson says she will seek re-election in 2020. The public does not have the choice to vote in this special election.

    Once McAdams officially resigns, which is expected to happen on January 3, 2019 when he’s sworn into office, the Democratic Party of Salt Lake will run a special election.

    The committee is made up on roughly one thousand people in the Democratic party that will vote on McAdams successor.

    Interested candidates must announce their intention to run, will have a couple weeks to campaign before the vote which is expected some time in late January or early February.

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