Judge dismisses Darrien Hunt fatal police shooting suit, appeal possible

    Darrien Hunt

    SALT LAKE CITY (AP) A judge has dismissed a lawsuit over the death of a sword-wielding black man, Darrien Hunt, fatally shot by Utah police. The move that allows his mother, Susan Hunt, to appeal an order requiring her to accept a $900,000 settlement in the case.

    Susan Hunt has about a month from Wednesday's ruling to decide whether she'll challenge the decision in the case against the city of Saratoga Springs. Her lawyers couldn't immediately be reached for comment.

    A city attorney says they're pleased with the ruling.

    Darrien Hunt was 22 when he was killed in 2014 by two white Saratoga Springs police officers.

    He had a costume samurai sword that his family said was part of a Japanese anime costume. Police say he swung the authentic-looking weapon, though his family disputes that. He was shot in the back.

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