Two rulings: Angilau shooting death video to be released, lawsuit by family dismissed

Siale Angilau was shot and mortally wounded when, during his trial, he rushed at a witness. (KUTV)

(KUTV) - A judge has issued two orders in the case involving Siale Angilau, who was shot to death by a U.S. Marshal after he charged at a witness in a federal courtroom.

The family of Angilau sued the U.S. Marshal who shot Angilau saying he used too much force.

Media outlets and others sued to get video of the courtroom shooting.

Audio of the incident had already been released.

The first order issued today by a judge sides with the media on access to the video, which will be released to the public on Monday, March 12.

That overrules the Department of Justice's objection to releasing the video.

The video will be released on Monday.

The other order grants summary judgment to the defendants and dismisses the plaintiffs’ excessive force claims.

This latter order ends the case unless the plaintiffs appeal.

Siale Angilau was at his federal trial in the brand new courthouse in downtown Salt Lake on April 21, 2014, when he was shot to death in front of his parents and other family members who were there to watch the court proceedings.

The U.S. Marshal, who was providing security in the courtroom and shot Angilau, has only been identified as “Jane Doe.”

Siale Angilau was in court for racketeering charges.

At the trial, another man, “V.T.” who was already serving a 30-year prison sentence, was called to testify against Angilau.

The court document states that when V.T. was on the witness stand, Siale Angilau got up, grabbed a pen or pencil from the counsel table and approached the witness stand.

Marshal Jane Doe shot him

The court document states that when there was no more threat, and Angilau was on the ground wounded, Marshal Jane Doe shot him three more times in the back at close range.

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