Jury reaches not guilty verdict in Conrad Truman murder case

    Conrad Truman hugs his attorneys after finding out that he is not guilty after his second murder trial Friday, Feb. 24, 2017 in Provo. DOMINIC VALENTE, Daily Herald

    (KUTV) A jury reached a not guilty verdict in the Conrad Truman murder case Friday afternoon in Utah County.

    Around 2:45 p.m. the jury announced it had reached a verdict. Immediately after the verdict was read the judge could be heard telling a person who vocally reacted to the verdict to leave the courtroom. It was not immediately clear why.

    In October 2014, a jury found Truman guilty of murder. But his conviction would eventually be overturned and he received a new trial in 2017.

    The Utah County man whose murder conviction was previously overturned began his second trial for the death of his wife Feb. 2. At one point Conrad Truman was sentenced to life in prison by a judge for the murder of his wife.

    Truman's attorney's petitioned the judge for a new trial, saying the jury was given false information. In addition, he cited the fact that the medical examiner had changed his opinion about Heidy's manner of death from homicide to "could not be determined."

    Mark Moffat, Truman's attorney claims that police gave the jury wrong measurements about the layout of the crime scene and they used that information to argue that Truman was lying about what happened to his wife.

    Conrad Truman is accused of shooting and killing his 22-year-old wife Heidy Truman in 2012. His conviction was overturned because measurements of their home were inaccurate.

    During his first trial, Truman's attorneys argued that Heidy Truman shot herself.

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