Judge allows $2 million lawsuit against SLC police for Geist the dog to continue

SALT LAKE CITY (AP) A man's lawsuit seeking $2 million after Salt Lake City police shot and killed his dog will move forward.

The Salt Lake Tribune reported Wednesday that a judge rejected a request from the city to dismiss Sean Kendall's lawsuit against Salt Lake City and five police officers. The city had sought to have the claim dismissed and to force Kendall to accept a $10,000 settlement.

The lawsuit claims the officers weren't properly trained to deal with dogs when his dog, Geist, was fatally shot in June 2014.

Kendall also claims that Officer Brett Olsen violated both search and seizure and due process laws when he entered Kendall's yard and shot Geist. Olsen had been conducting a neighborhood search for a missing child.


Information from The Salt Lake Tribune.

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