Layton police working to identify man who snuck into bedroom, exposed himself

Layton police working to identify man who snuck into baby's room, exposed himself. (Photo: KUTV)

(KUTV) - Layton Police are hoping you can help identify a man they said snuck into a woman's room while she was sleeping and exposed himself.

"Our door, our sliding door to our bedroom was halfway open," Monday morning a Layton man said something was off in his home, “Certain things in my mind kinda triggered red flags.” So, he went to a baby cam they installed just a month ago, and sure enough, “He had been walking around the bedroom and watching my wife while she was asleep,” he said.

“It was a selfish act, a very very selfish act.,” his wife said. Terrifying moments captured a man walking around the bedroom, “When I realized it was most likely towards me, I just felt violated.” The couple still terrified about the experience didn't want to be identified, the woman was sleeping in the room with her 8-month-old son, “It almost feels like somebody has taken away my virtue in away without my consent,” she said.

The camera recording her baby was only installed about a month ago, so it's not clear if this was a one time thing, “It could have been happening for a while it makes it that much scarier,” she said.

There was no sign of forced entry into the home, and nothing was taken. “We had belongings like a laptop wasn’t taken, an iPhone, an Apple Watch, nothing was taken, nothing was broken,” the husband said.

Lt. Travis Lyman is with the Layton Police Department, “That's certainly a possibility that he either knows their routine or knows their garage code or something like that.” Although you can't see his face in the video, he’s said the video is good and thinks it's still enough someone may know who he is, “We are hoping anyone may recognize something about the clothes he's wearing or the mannerisms, the way he moves around the bedroom, anything like that,” he said.

The woman said it's something she will never forget, but she wants to move on and feel safe again, “The decency to admit it and allow us to forgive him, but without that knowledge I feel in a sense held back because I can't move on, I don't have closure.”

If you have any information or may recognize the man, you're asked to call Layton Police at 801-497-8300 and reference incident number 18-07370.

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