Layton residents speculate on location of new LDS temple

LDS policy changes to allow youth to officiate, assist in temple baptisms (Photo: Larry D. Curtis / KUTV)

(KUTV) — According to the Davis County accessory’s office, a property deed in east Layton — Utah that closed last Friday and was reported to its office on Monday evening — will be added to the list of LDS Church-owned properties.

The property is in the area of East Gentile and Oak Hills Drive.

The LDS church announced Sunday it will be building a new temple in the Layton area, but did not disclose the location, which has become a hot topic among the community.

Layton Mayor Bob Stevenson has been clued into the location.

“If we were to speculate on a location, I can narrow that for you, okay, it's in Layton.” But he has been sworn to secrecy, “How do those guys back at the federal level say [it]? I take the Fifth? I take the Fifth,” he said.

“I would like it to be in east Layton but I don’t know where they would have any space to put,” Layton resident Roxanne Cottrell said.

There’s been a lot of speculation of where the temple may be located as the church already owns a lot of land in west Layton.

But the area of Gentile, east of Smith’s, seems to be a prime spot, and east seems to be favored for many residents.

“I've been telling my family, I'm calling the church department and they're building it like just a couple blocks away, I've decided, it's east, east Layton” Kate Miculescu, a Layton resident said .

No matter where the location is, many residents can agree — they are happy a temple is being built in town.

“Just the thought of having that many members and that many temple goers that would constitute another temple between Ogden and Bountiful was pretty exciting,” Cottrell said.

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