Layton zoning issues cause issues for homeowners

Layton zoning issues cause issues for homeowners (Photo: KUTV)

(KUTV) - A Layton woman wants folks building or buying a home to be more aware of what the land around you is zoned for.

She and her husband built their home in 2012, not knowing that the lot adjacent to them was rezoned for multi-family homes, 3 years earlier.

They arrived home from vacation a few months ago to find four townhomes had gone up on the lot, towering over their property with only a 10-foot setback, between the two.

Katie Weir says it’s important you know what the land around you, is zoned for.

She came home from holiday to find this new construction looming over her backyard.

The lot next door was rezoned back in 2009 for multi-family homes, but Weir’s home wasn’t built until three years later.

“Anybody who is building a home if there is property around you or even buying a home or even vacant property around you what it is being zoned for what might go in if plans have been approved prior to the zoning or not and see if you can find out what those plans are,” Layton homeowner Katie Weir says.

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