LDS church members mourn President Monson's death state wide

LDS church members mourn President Monson's death state wide (Photo: D.J. Bolerjack / KUTV)

(KUTV) Thomas S. Monson, LDS church president, died around friends and family Tuesday night, according to church spokesperson Eric Hawkins.

Around the state of Utah, the feelings are the same, pain, relief, sorrow and happiness.

There were mixed feelings about his death but positive feelings for the man who served in leadership roles for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints for over 50 years.

2News spoke to church members coming out of the St. George Temple Wednesday morning.

"He served our church so well and he obviously needed to rest and he's in a better place so...I mean it's bitter sweetc" church member, Telisha Tausinga said

"I remember president Monson when I was a little boy," Dr. Steve McQueen said.

"I used to come up and give him a hand shake..and all that kind of stuff."

For a while now members of the LDS church have known Monson was slowly declining due to his fight with diabetes. That was apparent when Monson was unable to speak at the most recent church conference in October.

According to church leaders the man expected to take Monson's seat, the 93-year-old Nelson, has been a church apostle since April 1970. Out of respect for Monson, his appointment will not be officially named until after his funeral services.

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