LDS mom says she lost temple recommend for breastfeeding at church

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    (KUTV) — A Mormon mother of four says she has lost her temple recommend because she chooses to breastfeed at church, without a cover.

    She has asked us not to identify her, but she is from northern Utah.

    Three weeks ago, when she met with her bishop to have her temple recommend signed, she said she was told that members of her church had complained about her openly breastfeeding in the foyer. She was asked to either cover up or use the mother’s room, but she said that, for her, those aren’t good options. The first counselor signed off on her recommend instead.

    Last Tuesday, she went to her stake president so that he could also sign off on her recommend, but she said he brought up the breastfeeding issue, too.

    She said, he quoted from the church's "For the Strength of Youth" pamphlet about modesty and reportedly told her that women should cover up so that men do not have sexual thoughts

    She said she left the room several times to calm down and, at one point, while she wasn’t there, she claims the stake president told her husband that he had to control his wife — and that if he supported her, he wouldn’t get his recommend signed, either. Her husband chose to stand behind her and now neither can enter the temple.

    When asked why she doesn’t just adhere to the options offered by the church, the mother said she has never covered with her youngest, who still nurses at 18 months old.

    She added that the mother’s room is through a bathroom and isolates her from the social aspect of being at church. Plus, she said she can’t hear the services well from the mother’s room and has asked for it to be rewired.

    Even when her youngest is weaned, she said she won’t back down on this issue. She maintains breastfeeding is not a sexual act, it is simply a mother feeding her child. She wants it to become more normalized and said even if she never regains her temple recommend, she feels as though she is still worthy because, in her eyes, she hasn’t done anything wrong.

    2News reached out to the LDS Church multiple times for comment on this story, or for some guidance on the church’s stance regarding breastfeeding, but officials declined to comment.

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