LDS Temple 'significantly damaged' by vandals in Colorado

LDS Temple 'significantly damaged' by vandals in Colorado (Photo: LDS Church

(KUTV) A temple under construction by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was damaged by vandals who broke in and caused 'significant damage' to the inside and outside of the building, according to police.

Police in Fort Collins, CO say the vandals broke into the temple Sunday morning and spray painted several pieces of machinery and drove a construction vehicle into an outside structure at the site.

Investigators say the damage may be connected to recent vandalism at several other churches in Fort Collins during the last month.

No financial estimate of the damage at the LDS temple has been done yet but police say the damage was extensive and spread throughout several parts of the building.

Officers found evidence at the scene, but the details of the evidence are not being released as investigators continue to search for the suspects.

Construction of the Fort Collins LDS Temple was announced in 2011 and church leaders broke ground at the site in August of 2013.

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