West Wendover considers opening marijuana dispensary


(KUTV) A new medicinal marijuana dispensary will likely open in West Wendover, Nevada this year. The city’s mayor, Daniel Corona, said it could be the first step towards legalizing recreational marijuana use.

State law allows one 1,500 square foot dispensary per every 20,000 people. Corona said the business would open in an area away from schools or churches.

“We're really trying to make sure that it's in a place where if people want it they can get it. But it's not going to be something that's right on Main Street or next to a school."

City councilors looked to other cities like Mesquite before designing the plan for the dispensary.

“The people who were outraged have completely forgot we have the dispensary because the they don't go to it so they don't really notice it. And I think it'll have a similar affect in West Wendover."

Councilors will vote on the proposal this week. If approved, the dispensary could open as early as next month.

In a town that draws 30,000 visitors on a weekend, councilors hoped the dispensary will help stimulate the local economy and tourism.

"And I think we might take some of those folks who are currently going to Colorado and they'll come here, instead, because it's a much closer drive."

There would be a $25,000 startup tax and a 3% sales tax on marijuana products.

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