Life-saving saw stolen from Unified Fire Authority firefighters

Life-saving saw stolen from Unified Fire Authority firefighters (File photo: KUTV)

(KUTV) Draper police say they’ve arrested a man they say took a lifesaving piece of equipment that fell off a Unified Fire Authority firetruck Wednesday night.

The equipment, a saw, was recovered later in the evening.

The Draper City Police Department said firefighters from the 105 crew were responding to a non-life threatening call and were pulling out of the fire station when a saw fell of its truck. The incident happened near the fire station on 780 E 12300 S. Cars began honking at the fire truck and the Captain noticed a hatch was open.

The fire truck pulled over and firefighters began walking back to retrieve the saw, which was laying in the middle of the road. Police say that’s when a car stopped in the median and the driver got out. Police say he picked up the saw and put it in his trunk. The driver then turned around and started driving quickly in the other direction.

Firefighters tried to get the driver’s attention but he did not stop. Police say another driver saw the incident and recorded the driver’s license plate number. Police used the information to contact the man by phone. He told them he did pick up the saw and that he planned on filing a police report the next day. Police say they informed him the saw was an important life-saving device used by the fire department.

Police said they waited an hour after the initial call but the man did not return the saw. Police say they then met with the man a placed him under arrest. Police say the fire chief noticed duct tape over damage to the saw’s plastic casing that likely was a result of it falling off the fire truck. The saw had no damage when it was inspected earlier that morning.

Police say they plan on filing charges for theft of lost or mistakenly delivered property.

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