LIST: Best and worst drivers by city in America

    (KUTV) You can argue all day with a person about if California or Utah has the worst drivers, but you can't argue with statistics.

    Utah good news, you're not the worst you're second worst. Sacramento, California takes the crown for ranking as having the worst drivers out of 75 most populous metro areas in the US, according to data from QuoteWizard.

    TOP 10 worst drivers by city:

    1. Sacramento, CA
    2. Salt Lake City, UT
    3. Riverside, CA
    4. Richmond, VA
    5. San Diego, CA
    6. Los Angeles, CA
    7. Columbus, OH
    8. Omaha, NE
    9. Denver, CO
    10. Bakersfield, CA

    It seems fitting that Detroit, the Motor City, came in at #1 for the city for the best drivers. Providence, Rhode Island and Orlando, Florida followed closely behind.

    Top 10 best drivers by city:

    1. Detroit, MI
    2. Providence, RI
    3. Orlando, FL
    4. Miami, FL
    5. Little Rock, AR
    6. Allentown, PA
    7. Baton Rouge, LA
    8. Las Vegas, NV
    9. Tulsa, OK
    10. Birmingham, AL

    QuoteWizard, a company that helps people compare insurance quotes, compared more than 2 million points of data from 2016 that included accident stats, speeding tickets, DUIs, and citations from traffic violations like running a red light or using a cellphone while driving.

    Click here to see the full study and list.

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