Man arrested in Utah for raping 7-year-old 'thousands of times'

    Man arrested in Cedar City for raping 7-year-old 'thousands of times' (Photo: Iron County Sheriff's Office)

    (KUTV) A man was arrested Sunday in Cedar City, Utah, for raping and molesting a girl "thousands of times."

    The suspect is Victor Francisco Michel-Lara, who so far is facing two charges of felony rape of a child. Police said in charging documents that it appears he is in the United States illegally and may also be guilty of aggravated re-entry into the United States.

    Police interviewed the suspect after a 7-year-old girl at the Children's Justice Center said Michel-Lara raped her and touched her vagina multiple times.

    "She stated that this happened many times in the last 6 months. The seven year old stated that it was thousands of times," the documents read.

    Police then interviewed Michel-Lara. Police said he told them that on two occasions he was putting lotion on the girl and she was sitting on his lap, moved around a lot and said his fingers accidentally slipped into her vagina. He also reportedly told police that twice after he got out of the shower and then during rough-housing, the girl slipped and fell on him and that is when the rape occurred.

    According to the documents, the suspect had been arrested on other unrelated charges and was previously deported to Mexico. Police said they believe the man is a flight risk with family in Washington, but weren't clear if that meant the state of Washington or Washington D.C.

    He was given a $200,000 cash bail.

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