Man charged for firing 'warning shots' that hit truck driving near his mobile home

    Purgatory Correctional Facility

    (KUTV) – A Washington County man faces felony charges for allegedly firing a gun several times at a truck that was driving near his mobile home.

    Daniel Trent Patterson, 32, was charged with four counts of aggravated assault for an incident that occurred in the Warner Valley area of Washington County on Tuesday.

    A group of hunters said their truck was hit by gunfire as they were driving back from a hunting trip and passed near Patterson’s mobile home, according to a probable cause statement filed Wednesday.

    “They were trying to get out of there by turning away from [Patterson] to the right when he continued to fire off rounds hitting the truck. They tried to make it to the main road so they sped up to get away from him,” the probable cause statement says.

    When they were away from Patterson, police say the group stopped their truck and Patterson again started shooting at them. Patterson then got in his truck and chased the group until they were able to get away, according to police.

    Police said the victim’s truck had several bullet holes in it, including one that was just a few inches away from the glass.

    “We investigated the area of where the RV was parked. The area has multiple dirt roads, entrances, exits, and is an area commonly used for staging, camping and pull outs for atv’s,” deputies wrote in the probable cause statement.

    When questioned, Patterson told police he felt ‘in fear for his safety’ when the victim’s truck had driven near his mobile home.

    Patterson’s statement to police indicated the truck was 150 feet away from his mobile home when he fired the shots.

    “Based on statements, evidence collected, and the location of the RV in relation to the vehicle and where the shots were fired, it was determined that [Patterson] was not in immanent (sic) danger and was not justified in using deadly force,” a detective wrote in the charging documents.

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