Man charged with first degree murder, arson in killing of WVC code enforcement officer

    Kevin Wayne Billings, 64, has been charged with aggravated arson and murder in the first degree after allegedly starting fires and shooting a woman in West Valley City, according to his PC statement. (Photo: KUTV)

    (KUTV) -- Kevin Wayne Billings has been charged with aggravated first-degree murder after allegedly killing a West Valley City, Utah, code enforcement officer, according to probable cause documents.

    Jill Robinson was shot and killed, allegedly by Billings, on Thursday, Aug. 9. He also allegedly set her truck – and a neighbor's home – on fire. Documents also have multiple eyewitnesses reporting Billings also set Robinson's body on fire.

    Robinson had gone to Billing's home regarding a code enforcement issue. According to the documents, Billings likely contacted Robinson to set a meeting regarding code enforcement.

    Billings is also being charged for killing the animals inside of the home he allegedly lit on fire. He also faces charges for possessing explosive parts.

    He has been charged with one count of aggravated murder; one count of aggravated arson; one count of arson; one count of abuse or desecration of a human body; five counts of possession of explosive parts; and four counts of cruelty to an animal.

    Documents show reports of gunshots and multiple fires at a home on West Wendy Avenue. When law enforcement and fire personnel arrived, they found a truck fully engulfed in flames, a woman's body in the driveway and an adjacent home on fire.

    While taking care of the body, medics noticed that Robinson had marks on the lower parts of her body consistent with a flammable substance that is applied to a body and then set on fire.

    Ryan Luke told police that he was working inside his home when he heard an explosion and "felt the concussion of the blast." When Luke went to investigate the blast, he discovered thick, black smoke coming through his window. He then noticed that the truck outside of Billing's house was on fire. He also saw Robinson's body in the driveway, according to the documents.

    Luke later told police that his wife had taken a call from Billings where he accused the couple of calling code enforcement on him. Luke suffered smoke inhalation and minor laceration on his hands. His four dogs did not survive the explosion or blaze.

    Officers found a large hole in the fence in-between Luke's home and Billings' home. They also found bolt cutters on Billings' property near the hole in the fence. Luke noticed Billings clearing the vegetation near the hole days before. He also recalled not seeing the hole prior to the incident.

    Several witnesses told police they heard a loud noise and when they went to see what it was, they saw Billings either pouring gasoline near Robinson's body and near the truck. One witness said when she checked Robinson's vitals, she determined that the woman was deceased. The witness told police she saw Billings sitting in his driveway with a "smirk." She proceeded to ask him why he shot the woman. "I've had all the harassment I can take," Billing allegedly said, according to court documents.

    Officers also spoke with Billings daughter, Stephanie. She reported that her father had mentioned that he had a meeting scheduled with Code Enforcement at 10 a.m. the same morning. Stephanie told authorities that she was under the impression that the meeting was going to be at her father's home. Billings daughter was aware of several complaints he had received regarding the condition of his yard and unregistered vehicles on his property, according to the PC statement.

    Robinson's work records showed that she mailed Billings a "notice of violation" letter on July 24. The letter emphasized that it was Billings responsibility to contact Code Enforcement to take care of the issue, or else he would be fined $50. According to a West Valley City ordinance enforcement supervisor, Robinson would have no reason to go back to Billings' house residence unless she was summoned by the home owner.

    Billings' phone records show that he placed a call to Robinson's office number on Aug. 8, the day before the incident. A family member said Billings told her he had an appointment with code enforcement.

    Investigators examined the burn patterns around the home and truck. They concluded that the house fire originated on the lower portion of the back deck of Luke's home, according to the documents. A propane torch and a five-gallon gas cans were found around Billings' property just outside of the hole in the fence. Both Luke's residence and detached garage were a total loss due to the fire damage.

    An accelerant detection dog searched the remains of the truck, after the flames were put out. The dog detected the possible presence of ignitable liquid on the debris in the truck.

    On Aug. 10, an assistant medical examiner performed on autopsy on Robinson. It determined a single gunshot wound to the head caused her death and stated the manner of death was a homicide.


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