Man faces 10 years for pulling shotgun on 2 men in back yard

Man faces 10 years for pulling shotgun on 2 men in back yard

(KUTV) A former Provo man says he was trying to protect his family when his wife spotted two men in the couple's back yard, but police say there is more to the story. Ray Keller faces up to 10 years in prison after he pulled a shotgun on the men.

Keller says he got a call from his wife that there were people on their property so he rushed home.

"So I came home came inside grabbed my shotgun," says Keller, "as I walked out my porch door, I closed the gun, so racked it, they heard it" says Keller who contends that the gun was not loaded, and told the men to get off his property.

"I wanted to know who they were, this is my home this is my property I didn't know who these guys where I've never seen them before," says Keller who had four children at home at the time of the incident ranging in age from two to 12-years-old.

Keller said, although the men were dressed in construction clothes and were driving vehicles marked with a sign from a local contractor, he says he didn't know if the men were there to scam or rob him. It turns out the men where contracted by Google to install fiber cable all over Provo, the company is providing the service free of charge to all Provo residents.

Provo Police said Keller knew exactly what the men where doing in his yard, because Keller had been told what was happening several times before.

"Yes they had made numerous contacts at the residents," said senior officer Nisha Henderson. "They were at the back of the property line putting up fiber."

Keller could face up to 10 years in prison for the allegations, but he says given the same circumstances, he wouldn't do it any differently.

The Keller family is appealing to social media to raise money for a legal defense.

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