Man watches his home of 20 years burn in Uintah Fire

Man watches his home of 20 years burn in Uintah Fire (Photo: Courtesy Larry Garrett)

(KUTV) Tyson Land will never forget watching his home of 20 years burn to the ground.

"To see the smoke and the flames coming out the windows, it's something you see on TV that happens somewhere else, not at your house," said Land.

His family's home was destroyed Tuesday in the Uintah Fire.

"They have to start all over," said Andrea Land, Tyson's wife. "They have to go to the mall and buy underwear. I mean, they have nothing."

Sean Kunzler, a neighbor, saw the house burn.

"I've never seen anything like it in my life," he said.

Kunzler's own home nearly met the same fate.

"All of our yard's been completely destroyed," he said, adding that he lost several sheds as well.

His daughter, Danika Kunzler, had just minutes to save what she could.

"I tried grabbing a lot of my blankets and my journals," she said. "Just makes you realize the things that really matter."

The flames devastated some, but spared others, like Randy Haugen. His home was right in the fire's path but was still standing Tuesday evening.

"The mountain's red all the way around it and that's from those guys doing precision drops, putting the fire out," Haugen said.

Choking up, Haugen praised the firefighters who kept it safe.

"I'll look at them in a whole different vein from here on," he said.

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