Marinello beauty schools shut down, students, customers left with quesitons


(KUTV) A national beauty school chain has abruptly shut down its entire operation, including 3 schools here in Utah.

Marinello Beauty School students, and their clients have been left high and dry after what appears to be a forced end to the business.

Utah students of the beauty school received letters Thursday, Feb. 4, the same day schools were shut down.

The company operated schools in California, Connecticut, Kansa, Nevada and Utah, all have closed their doors.

The move to close the entire beauty school system -- comes after accusations -- the school was falsifying documents to get federal loans and grants for students.

Calls on Friday to the 1-800 number go straight to voicemail, referring customers and students to the website.

There is a letter posted on the company's site reading in part, "we did everything in our power to avoid this unfortunate conclusion and keep your school open. Unfortunately, the department of education's unprecedented and unfounded actions left us with no other option except to close our schools."

In the letter, the school takes no blame, though the Department Of Education cut off the schools access to federal loans and grants for allegedly falsifying records.

Sylvia Woodard, a long time customer of Marinello, drove to the Layton location today. She wanted to know why they were not answering her calls on a day she had a scheduled appointment.

"I never had a bad experience with the students except once," she said. "I got a bad perm and looked like a poodle."

The school was open to the public for salon services which Woodard used for 15 years. She liked the staff and the $7 haircuts students offered while going through the program.

Woodard is now searching for a new salon to get her hair done, but says it is "a little upsetting" not just for her, but all the students, who will have to find a place to finish their education elsewhere.

There's no word yet on what will happen with students and fees already paid for tuition. Meetings are scheduled at each Utah location next week for students who need to transfer credits.

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