Mayor Biskupski announces transition to 100 percent clean energy in next 16 years

Mayor Biskupski announces transition to 100 percent clean energy in next 16 years (File Photo: KUTV)

(KUTV)The Salt Lake City mayor announced the city's transition to 100 percent renewable energy in a press conference Wednesday.

Mayor Jackie Biskupski, members of the Salt Lake City Council, and various department and division leaders came together to launch a new and clean energy and climate change initiative called "Climate Positive." The initiative is the result of a landmark joint Mayor-Council Resolution that commits the city to new clean energy and climate change goals which the City Council is scheduled to vote on Tuesday.

"This is the most ambitious step ever taken by Salt Lake City to address the threat of climate change," Biskupski said. "This commitment places the city among leading communities worldwide that acknowledge our responsibility to rapidly reduce emissions and forge a new path forward that protects our economies, societies, and overall human well-being."

The joint resolution on sustainability commits to transitioning to 100 percent renewable energy for municipal electricity needs by 2032, as called for during Mayor Biskupski's State of the City Address. The resolution will expand that goal to also include community electric use and commits to reducing overall community carbon emissions by at least 80 percent by 2040.

"I commend Mayor Biskupski and the City Council for leading the way in seizing Utah's clean energy and economic potential," said Sarah Wright, executive director for Utah Clean Energy.

Utah Clean Energy is the local and leading clean energy advocacy group that works closely with Salt Lake City and other partners to drive the transition to a clean energy economy.

"We have everything to gain through this resolution," Wright said. "From new jobs, economic growth, better air, and a stable climate, this is a win-win for the residents and businesses of Salt Lake City as well as the rest of Utah."

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