Midway Ice Castles closing due to warm winter weather

Midway Ice Castles closing due to warm weather (Photo: KUTV)

(KUTV)- Due to unusually warm temperatures, the Midway Ice Castles will be closing on Sunday, Feb. 4.

In order to get as many people as possible to experience the Ice Castles before they close, organizers are offering extended hours this weekend.

The attraction will remain open until midnight on Friday and Saturday.

“It’s been a warm winter, which has made it difficult to sustain the ice,” Ice Castles CEO, Ryan Davis, said. “We will assess the temperatures this week and if it becomes cool enough to provide guests with the same high-quality experience they expect and deserve, we may reopen next weekend. Unfortunately, this has been a very warm winter. We’ll adjust our plans as the weather allows.”

This is the Ice Castles seventh season in Midway, and the Utah-based company has five other locations this year across the United States and Canada. Other locations include Dillon, Colorado; Stillwater, Minnesota; Lincoln, New Hampshire; Edmonton, Alberta; and Winnipeg, Manitoba.

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