Mirror messages encouraging Utah students to look for inspiration

    Mirror messages encouraging Utah students to look for inspiration (Photo: KUTV)

    (KUTV) With so many pressures and expectations in life, teens and young adults may need more positive encouragement now more than ever.

    According to the Utah Department of Health, in 2015 16.6 percent of young students reported they seriously considered attempting suicide, 13.5 percent reported they made a suicide plan and 7.6 percent reported they attempted suicide one or more times. The suicide rate among those 10 to 17 has been increasing since 2011.

    A group, called See Your Strength, is trying to put a stop to this by sending out positive messages to high school and middle school students just by encouraging them to look into a mirror.

    Amber Murray, founder of See Your Strength, is working with a number of colleges and K-12 schools around Utah to put printed messages on all bathroom mirrors.

    "Four years ago I was suicidal, and a tool that helped me was writing on my bathroom mirror with soap. About a year ago I thought why aren't we doing this? Why aren't we spreading messages of hope everywhere?” Murray said.

    After this realization, she invested her money, found materials that are removable from mirrors, and started to approach schools about helping students in need.

    The messages say things like:

    Though the path may be hard, the destination is beautiful
    The world needs you GO SHINE!
    You own today

    “These messages are all aimed at helping to see your worth, helping to see your value, helping to have that confidence. When you're standing in the mirror, you're not saying something negative to yourself for one second” Murray said.

    These messages are making a big impact on students and other school organization. if you’d like to learn more about these messages watch the news story above.

    If you are interested in getting a mirror decal, go to SeeYourStrength.

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