'I got a bit of a lead foot': Mitt Romney explains how he got 6 tickets on 1 road trip

In this Tuesday, June 26, 2018 photo, Mitt Romney, former GOP presidential nominee, addresses supporters at during an election night party in Orem, Utah. Romney looks like a shoo-in for a Senate seat from Utah after winning a landslide primary victory and toning down his criticism of Donald Trump, but first he'll face a Democratic opponent with a distinctly different political outlook. (AP Photo/Rick Bowmer)

(KUTV) -- A former 2012 Republican presidential nominee revealed on Jay Leno's Garage that he has a bit of a speeding problem.

Mitt Romney, a former Massachusetts governor, is a car enthusiast. While driving around with the show's host, Jay Leno, Romney explained that he has a "lead foot."

"I got a bit of a lead foot," Romney said. "It's not a good thing, but you know, I just go too fast."

This bad habit made a road trip through Switzerland especially memorable for the former governor and his family.

"Everybody's driving at, like, 45 miles an hour on this big open road, and I thought, 'this is crazy,' so I'm driving at 55 or 60 and having a great time and delighted that I'm able to pass everybody," Romney told Leno.

But, when he returned home, he found six speeding tickets in the mail.

Switzerland uses speed cameras to catch people, like Romney, who have a bit of a lead foot. But, this isn't the first time Romney has been caught by secret speed cameras.

"Same thing happened in Italy," he said. "It cost a few bucks."

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