Mom sentenced for keeping son in 'torture chamber' for years

Mom sentenced for keeping son in 'torture chamber' for years (Photo: KUTV)

(KUTV) Brandy Jaynes, 36, was sentenced to up to 45 years in prison for torturing and often starving her 12 year-old son and locking him in a bedroom and bathroom for years.

Prosecutor Angie Reddish-Day said the boy was locked up for at least two years, maybe as many as seven.

“The abuse this victim was subjected to at the hands of his own mother was incomprehensible,” said Reddish-Day who said the state went after the harshest punishment for Jaynes.

Jaynes, who lived in Toquerville, Utah, pleaded guilty to three counts of intentional child abuse causing serious injury.

She received the maximum penalty: three sentences of up to 15 years in prison to be served back to back to back.

Her public defender, Edward Flint, disagreed with the three sentence terms saying the abuse was one big incident that deserved one sole charge – not three.

“None of us understand how it got to this point. She certainly doesn’t,” he said when asked why his client abused her child.

Reddish-Day said the abuse was intentional, given that Jaynes had a camera in the bathroom that transmitted a live, continuous feed of her son where she could watch his suffering daily.

“There’s no other case like it,” she said.

Reddish-Day said the boy was initially locked in a bedroom where he was forced to lay on a board, then had icy water poured on him.

When the boy would defecate, he was moved to the shower. He was kept in the shower for some time with a board around the shower kept him from escaping.

The prosecutor said the boy said he would eat in the shower and investigators found food remnants and pieces of food cans in the shower.

The bathroom door was bolted shut.

The boy, now 13, told investigators he believed he’d been locked up since age 7 or 8.

His physical exams support his story according to the prosecutor.

“His learning had stopped at first or second grade. His bones had stopped growing at a 6-year-old level,” Reddish-Day said.

Some family members told investigators they hadn’t seen the boy for two Christmases and Jaynes made excuses for his absence.

The boy’s father lived in the house and was the one who took him to the hospital eventually.

Flint suggested the boy’s father was to blame – even though the father is not charged with any kind of abuse in the case. He lived on the bottom floor and the abuse happened in the floor above.

“Maybe she was brainwashed. Her husband was abusive, the marriage was falling apart, the drug abuse started four months before the arrest,” Flint said.

He said the victim’s twin sister is the one who locked him up.

The boy, who was 30 pounds when he was removed from the house, is now 60 pounds, but a boy his age should weigh 95.

A doctor who treated him said in court that he could barely walk when she first met him.

He had sores on his body and his skeletal system was in poor shape.

Jaynes originally said her son had developmental issues – perhaps autism – and she was overwhelmed.

Reddish-Day said there is no evidence the boy had any issues that would make the mother feel overwhelmed or give her reason to take him out of school.

He has no learning disability or autism.

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