Moose makes himself at home in Utah resident's living room

Moose makes himself at home in Park City residence living room. (Photo: Sheri Prucka / KPCW)

(KUTV) -- It's not every day that wildlife shows up in your living room unless its broadcast on the home TV, but that's what happened to Sheri and Matt Prucka of Park City when a moose invited himself into their Bald Eagle home.

According to KPCW, the Pruckas left their front door open to enjoy a breezy, summer afternoon, June 24, when a young male moose wandered inside their home on Hawk Court.

It was so hard to believe upon the first impressions, that the Pruckas thought they were being pranked by relatives in a moose suit. They quickly realized it was not joke when their dogs began to bark at the large animal.

“We began to wonder how we were going to get the moose out because he spun around and accidentally closed the door behind him so then he was in the house with the door closed and we couldn’t get to the door to open it,” stated Sheri Prucka in the KPCW report.

Quick thinking to get outside the back of the house to reopen the house door for the moose to exit, allowed his eventual departure.

The entire unexpected visit lasted 10 minutes, the Pruckas said, and has them rethinking living the front door open no matter how beautiful the summer day.

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