Morgan County citizens find 'large amount' of counterfeit money, turn it in to authorities

Counterfeit cash. (Photo courtesy of Morgan County Sheriff's Office)

(KUTV) — Morgan County officials warned citizens early Tuesday morning about a new batch of counterfeit money.

"Citizens recently found a large amount of this fake money and turned it in," Morgan County Sheriff's Office posted on Facebook.

According to authorities, the counterfeit cash can be recognized by large, pink Chinese lettering on the front and back of the bills.

The counterfeit money bills are the same size as genuine currency, with the same imagery and markings.

"If you are in a hurry, you might not notice," authorities warn. "If anyone tries to use this currency at any business in the county, let us know immediately."

"If you find a bag of this fake currency, let us know," authorities state. "After you are done going through the emotions of extremely excited to depressed after you realize it's not real of course."

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