Mortuary once closed for allegations of theft, mixing up ashes, open again

Mortuary once closed for allegations of theft, mixing up ashes, open again (Photo: KUTV)

A Salt Lake Mortuary just recently shut down by the state for disturbing allegations against the deceased including theft and mixing up ashes, is open for business again.

The Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing, or DOPL, has given it's license back as long as the mortuary makes some big changes to it's operation.

The State Health Department which is one of several contracts the mortuary has, plans to start using their services again.

"As of 5 p.m. today we will be using Carver Mortuary again," Jenny Johnson, spokesperson for the health department said. "Any person who has died who needs to come to the medical examiners office for an autopsy exam that is part of the contract."

According to stipulation and order documents from DOPL, Carver Mortuary has been placed on a five year probation and fined $10,000.

Some of the evidence of wrong doings which the mortuary neither denies or admits includes:

  • "permitting employees who were not licensed to perform embalming and cremation services."
  • "placed fetal remains or infants in the same retort as deceased adults"
  • "employees failed to maintain accurate and complete cremation logs."
  • And "allowed unembalmed bodies to remain outside the refrigerator for more than a day."

Some of the changes that must be made include hiring a new operations supervisor that will oversee "proper treatment of un-embalmed bodies" "mortuary sanitation practices" and "hiring practices."

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