Mother confronts man who filmed her 12-year-old daughter while changing

A man was arrested for allegedly spying on an underage girl in a changing room stall on Saturday. (Photo: Salt Lake County Jail )

(KUTV) — A 36-year-old man was arrested after allegedly filming a little girl in the changing room of Rue 21.

According to Salt Lake City Police spokesperson Detective Greg Wilking, Jorge Leon-Alfaro is suspected of filming the 12-year-old girl from underneath the dressing room stall on Saturday at the location at the Brickyard mall.

“I caught this guy underneath my daughter’s stall while she was changing at Rue 21 and I had to chase him all the way down,” said the girl’s mom, Doris Stiles-Scrown. “You’re a sick pervert. A 12-year-old girl, 12-year-old girl! That’s what she gets for her birthday? Her birthday’s in two days she gets some sick pervert looking under her stall, trying to grab her?!”

An employee of Rue 21 validated her allegations.

“My guess would be if this behavior hadn’t been reported, there could have been other victims,” said Det. Wilking.

The suspect now faces charges of voyeurism and is being held at the Salt Lake County Jail.


Man arrested for spying on 12-year-old girl changing in stall

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