Nebo School District changes policy banning 'extreme' clothing, cross gender dressing

Nebo School District Administrative Office (Photo: Google Maps)

(KUTV) — The Nebo School District voted to eliminate a passage in its dress code that, among other things, explicitly banned "cross gender dressing or grooming" in a meeting held Wednesday.

The policy came under scrutiny when a group of Nebo students asked the district to review its policy regarding hats, school board spokesperson Lana Hiskey said in an email to 2News.

In addition to the hat policy, a number of other dress code policies were changed or simplified to emphasize "modesty" over banning specific types of clothing. This included a paragraph which prohibited "extreme clothing." Examples of extreme clothing were defined as sagging or oversized clothing, mutilated, torn, ripped or frayed clothing, and cross gender dressing or grooming.

That policy was amended to simply state,

Clothing must be modest. Modesty includes covering shoulders, midriff, back, underwear, and cleavage. Inappropriately short, tight, or revealing clothing is prohibited. Skirts, dresses, and shorts must be at least mid-thigh length when the student is sitting.

Among the "extreme" clothing amendment, the district also changed its hat policy to allow secondary students to wear hats, unless they disrupt the educational environment.

"This policy was outdated and antiquated," Hiskey said in a text message.

The district's policy committee, which includes the school board and two attorneys, meets twice monthly to review district policy.

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