Neighbor helps rescue brother and sister with Down syndrome from burning Bountiful home

A Bountiful house fire displaced two adults with special needs on Thursday just before noon. (Photo: Dan Rascon / KUTV)

A neighbor came to the aid of a brother and sister with Down syndrome when their Bountiful home caught fire Thursday morning.

The home went up in flames just before noon in the area of 350 West and 200 South.

Molley Bromley says she came outside to get something and saw that the house was on fire. She ran over and told the siblings, who are in their 40s, to get out.

“They didn’t seem that alarmed — I don’t think they really knew the gravity of the situation,” Bromley said. “I was like, 'This is a fire; we've got to call for help.' As we were running around the house, we could hear the glass popping."

Bromley says she found another adult family member in the backyard and led everyone to safety.

“I was worked up," she said. "It was scary."

The homeowner, who was away at the time, said she’s relieved everyone made it out OK. She asked 2News to only be identified by her first name, Brandi.

“Very sad, very upset,” Brandi said of the fire. “Everybody got out; everybody is healthy and fine.”

Once the fire was put out, a firefighter emerged carrying a family cat. Crews gave the cat oxygen to keep it alive.

Three other cats made it out alive, along with two dogs, but one cat didn’t survive.

Investigators say the fire started in the living room area of the front room and, according to Chief Jeff Bassett, the cause was an “overloaded extension cord.” The fire caused $100,000 in damage, Bassett said.

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