New “tech ridge” project in St. George expected to bring new jobs for millennials

Plans of new tech ridge project in St. George (Photo: KUTV)

(KUTV) - The development of a new multi-million-dollar tech-savvy community in St. George is just months away from breaking ground.

St. George City officials call it “Tech Ridge.”

The 150-acre piece of land, parallel to airport road, that will be used overlooks all of Dixie and will soon be the spot where new and local tech companies, restaurants, and residential properties will be built.

Matt Loo, Economic Development Director for the City of St. George tells 2News there is a need to create higher paying jobs.

“It will be a multi-faceted community in essence up there. Obviously, we still want to connect that with the downtown.” Loo said.

The city is looking to attract many new employees; Loo said one generation they’re looking to attract and keep from leaving the community are millennials.

“They're getting a good education here, they're getting a good trainer, and for the most part, they love it here. But because of who we are and what we've been, limited…if any opportunities are here.” Loo said.

Loo said many tech companies in Southern Utah have hope that this will attract those generations and bring a different vibe and lifestyle to the city.

“I think there's always a risk...with anything you do...especially with development,” Loo said but this project has really created some excitement within the tech community.

One of the tech companies that will benefit from this development is PrinterLogic. which a print management software company that helps simplify the print management infrastructure behind the scenes for other companies.

Ryan Wedig, CEO of PringerLogic, said they’ve been shoved into a corner of St. George for the last 5 years. The company started out with two people and has now risen to 160 employees, some having to work from home because of how fast the tech industry is growing.

Recently Wedig found out about the new development and it just clicked.

“We got to stop shoving ourselves in strip malls all over this town, it just not helpful when we're recruiting,” Wedig said “As a tech company your inventory is not full of warehouses full of stuff it's full of the talent and the people you can attract.

PrinterLogic will be the first building to break ground on “Tech Ridge” and he told 2News that with such a competitive tech scene around the state and country this move will help attract even more young talent to his company,

“It's not a dream, we're making it happen down here,” Wedig said.

If you’d like to hear more details about this “Tech Ridge” development project and how it impacts local business watch the news story above.

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